List of Committees

FEI's Committees and Roundtables are the perfect avenue for working with your peers to advance and protect the public policy interests of businesses around the globe.

Comment Letters

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FEI's advocacy committees author comment letters on issues impacting financial executives and their companies.

Updates and Wins

The 113th Congress adjourned having accomplished a number of FEI's legislative priorities and setting the stage to make progress toward others in the current 114th Congress.

Policy and Legislative Priorities

FEI's advocacy efforts influence public policy, accounting and financial reporting issues affecting financial executives, from K Street to Wall Street.

Driven by the activities of FEI's national advocacy and accounting policy committees, together with its government affairs staff, advocacy initiatives involve information gathering and lobbying on a range of public policy and regulatory issues affecting financial executives, such as:

  • Accounting/auditing standards and financial reporting
  • Corporate and pass through tax reform
  • Finance and information technology issues
  • Pensions and health care legislation
  • Government contracting rules
  • Energy law
  • International trade
  • The federal budget
  • Economic policy

FEI is dedicated to educating and effecting change on behalf of its members on the key issues of the day impacting their businesses.