Mark Schulman

Is your business prepared to rock? It will be after witnessing Mark Schulman in action. A legend in the music world and currently on tour with P!NK, Mr. Schulman is an incredible musician, dynamic performer and a strategic business mind who has parleyed his success on stage into true business success.   Unlocking strategies to help audiences Hack the Rockstar Attitude and Boost their R.Q. (Rockstar Quotient), you will be treated to one of those rare events - an incredible show that will empower and inspire, while also providing practical, innovative business strategies. Mr. Schulman will engage you with an audio and visual feast, interspersed with LIVE! drum performances that will rock your world. Using music and real-world experience as a teaching tool, Mr. Schulman will leave you and your team drumming up new levels of peak performance!   Attendees absolutely rave about Mr. Schulman's keynotes; Executives and CEOs from Zappos, Johnson & Johnson, Optus, Yahoo!, Cisco and more sing his praises, while Microsoft, Sony, McDonalds and IBM are just a few of his Fortune 500 clients.