Deno Sebastian

President of commercial markets for PSyn Inc., an independent health insurance consulting firm, Deno Sebastian has over 30 years of pharmacy industry experience and expertise. Mr. Sebastian helps employers manage their prescription drug benefits through PBM, PHRMA and Pharmacy contracting techniques as well prescription drug cost and utilization management.

Mr. Sebastian’s prior experience includes serving as the Pharmacy Director for a large nationally recognized health insurance carrier that services some of the largest and highly recognizable self-insured clients in the U.S. His primary role was providing pharmacy cost and utilization reviews for premier national clients to identify opportunities for improving savings and efficiency to their drug benefit. He also provided PBM contract negotiation and management support internally, participated in Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee activities and worked closely with disease and case management teams in support of their clinical activities.

Mr. Sebastian also served as the Pharmacy Director for a large vertically integrated health care system. He served as the Pharmacy Director for the health plan with responsibilities that included direct pharmaceutical rebate contract negotiations, direct pharmacy network contracting including retail, mail and specialty pharmacy, prior authorization and appeals department management and oversight, as well as formulary and clinical program development and management.

In addition to Mr. Sebastian’s managed care and PBM experience, he has over 10 years of experience in the institutional pharmacy practice environment where he served in leadership roles for a large tertiary care hospital and a long-term care pharmacy. He also has experience with opening hospital-owned retail pharmacies and hospital-owned 340b pharmacies.