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Setting the Bar for FP&A Usability: Annual Nucleus Research Value Matrix

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Vena Solutions has once again been named by Nucleus Research as a Leader in its 2019 Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Technology Value Matrix.

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With so many technology choices available to organizations, it’s no wonder companies often struggle with understanding the best way to make a decision.  

The Nucleus Value Matrix provides an informative tool to help businesses quickly assess their technology choices in a friendly, visual format. It provides a straightforward analysis of enterprise technology solutions based on the functionality and usability they deliver. You can easily compare solutions and zero in on those that meet your unique business requirements.

It’s all about simplifying enterprise software decisions based on the facts and taking out biases that come with marketing, future promises and opinion. This report provides an accurate assessment of where each technology stands based on the factors you need to make the right decision – does it have the features we need and will our team be able to actually use it?

Functionality: The whole point of investing in technology is to get useful features, tools and overall functionality that can help your business. With the Value Matrix, you can instantly see how each FP&A technology provider compares within the industry. The further to the right, the more functionality it delivers.

Usability: What’s the point in having the best functionality if few people within the business can actually leverage it? In fact, we are seeing a big trend toward broader technology use as solutions are being leveraged by more departments and employees throughout the organization. That’s because there is great value in the data many apps contain. Plus, there is a general move for enterprise software in particular to integrate with other apps for new efficiencies. That’s driving the need for more people across the business to have access to apps that are easy to use.

 The further to the left, the more usability a technology offers. Those solutions closest to the upper right-hand corner represent technology offers both high functionality and great usability.

Vena Solutions, the fastest growing provider of cloud-based financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software, is proud to announce that Nucleus Research has named it a Leader for the sixth year in a row in its 2019 Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Technology Value Matrix. Vena was ranked highest on ease-of-use - beating out niche vendors such as Adaptive Insights and Host Analytics, and global giants such as Oracle and IBM.

“Vena Solutions is a formidable player in the CPM market and an undisputed leader in product usability,” said Andrew MacMillen, Analyst at Nucleus Research. “The company has swiftly worked its way up the Leader quadrant largely due to its focus on ease-of-use - embracing, not replacing Excel - that is unmatched by its competitors. Customers consistently report rapid user adoption and Vena’s ability to accommodate the full spectrum of their FP&A requirements, as reasons for its consistent leadership in customer satisfaction.”

“I’m extremely proud to see Vena move up its position as a Leader year over year, especially as we outpace industry veterans who have enjoyed a one to two decade head start over Vena,” said Don Mal, CEO at Vena Solutions. “Vena has always placed product usability and customer satisfaction as key priorities, and our advanced position in the Nucleus report is the latest testament to this fact.”

Additional drivers behind Vena's market leader ranking include its:

Broad Functionality and Applications - across and beyond the finance function, including budgeting, planning, revenue forecasting, financial close management, reporting and regulatory disclosure;

Enterprise-class Platform - combining its renowned Excel interface with a centralized database, sophisticated workflow, powerful reporting and advanced analytics for the full spectrum of customers’ FP&A needs;

Powerful Integrations - including streamlined Power BI integrations, in addition to integrating with NetSuite, Intacct, Salesforce, FinancialForce and hundreds of enterprise applications;

Ad Hoc Analysis - enabling customers to explore company-wide data, get new insights and report on them in seconds, all tapping into powerful data analytics within the comfort and flexibility of Excel.

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