The Business of Private Companies Webinar Series


This content series will address solutions to key challenges faced by finance leaders at privately held companies. Each one-hour session has been curated by FEI’s Committee on Private Companies Special Interest Groups and provides deep insight into critical areas of private company operations and administration.

Subject matter experts will discuss pressing topics including issues related to corporate, legal, and regulatory standards; new changes for private company taxes; building resilient family enterprises; allocating capital; cybersecurity; and other critical concerns. 

All sessions are included with registration and will be available on demand at their conclusion:

On Demand Sessions:



Cybersecurity and Insurance Risk Management
May 26 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern | 1 CPE Credit
Presented by FEI’s Committee on Private Companies Special Interest Groups
How can companies protect themselves from cyberterrorism?  Can insurance companies insure private companies to protect them against cyber-attacks?  Will insurance companies begin reviewing and rating companies based on their cyber risk?  How do you fit company policy to cover different states with different regulatory requirements around cybersecurity?

Lindsay Davis | Broker | CRC Insurance Services
Nick Galati | Vice President, Partner | RHSB Insurance
Sandy Perdiguerra West Coast Field Underwriting Manager | At-Bay


8 Key Reasons to Modernize Consolidation
June 30 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern | 1 CPE Credit
Presented by Talentia
Full-featured consolidation and management reporting systems were often seen in the past as reserved for large enterprises, due to their cost and complexity. Increasingly, however, they have become more accessible to mid-sized/mid-market businesses as newer solutions have become available that address their cost, ease of deployment, and usability criteria.

Join this informative webinar to learn from industry experts, including Craig Schiff of BPM partners, about trends in the market around consolidation and close. In the past financial systems were expensive, lengthy to implement and the domain of the Fortune 500 only. Now the mid-market is benefiting from lower cost systems that can be owned by finance teams and deliver the benefits expected such as; faster close, greater analysis capabilities and supporting planning cycles. Take a look at how things have changed and the possibilities available to you to improve your finance function including a Client case study. You will also discover results from 2022 Controllers study by Institute of Financial Services.



Proposed Tax Law Changes and What It Means for Your Business and Your Family
Presented by EY
The US legislative environment is fluid, making it critical for businesses to keep informed about proposed legislation and its potential impact. The pending legislation associated with the President’s Build Back Better plan could have significant tax implications for business owners and their families. Through our many years of experience in navigating changes in new tax law, we have seen that the people who understand the potential implications are able to better plan for their financial future. Join us for an informative session that will cover the latest news in Washington and how to prepare for what will happen next.

Ray Beeman
| Principal | Washington Council Ernst & Young LLP
David Herzig | Tax Principal | Ernst & Young LLP


Top Priorities 2022: Corporate, Legal, and Regulatory Topics for Private Companies
Presented by FEI’s Committee on Private Companies Special Interest Groups
In these changing times, what is the “new normal” and what are the standards and rules that finance leaders need to apply in managing employees and operations?  This session will feature a discussion of practical advice about the latest regulations, how to manage these issues and mitigate risk.

Christopher Santomassimo | Attorney-at-Law | Santomassimo Davis LLP/OGC Solutions



Allocating Capital in the New Normal
Presented by FEI’s Committee on Private Companies Special Interest Groups
The allocation of capital and other resources across a business is among the most important responsibilities of management. Most people seem to understand that more resources should be invested where the value creation opportunities are best, yet most companies smear resources rather uniformly across the business without adequate differentiation to really emphasize the strongest areas. We will explore the common reasons for this disconnect and the Top Ten Principles of Capital Deployment, which represent implementable techniques for improving the quality of resource allocation and the results that follow.

Greg Milano
| Chief Executive Officer | Fortuna Advisors LLC



New Lease Accounting Standards: What Private Companies Need to Know
During this session we will highlight the key consideration related to implementing the new leasing standard, ASC 842.
Nicholas DeMarco | Controller | Visual Lease
Joe Fitzgerald | Senior Vice President of Lease Marketing Strategy | Visual Lease


D&O Insurance Issues and Potential Pitfalls
What exactly is covered and not covered? What are the potential pitfalls? How easy it is to get coverage? What are the risks related to type of company, financial strength and how old the company is from the insurance carrier standpoint? What are the insurance exclusions? Do D&O policies survive bankruptcy?

Gray Holden
| Managing Director and D&O Practice Leader | Higginbotham


Digital and Technology Solutions for Private Companies
Presented by PwC
Now is the time to reimagine your business and embrace the right mindset and technologies to transform how you win. During this session we will explore how to:

  • ​Drive innovation, improve decision making and customer experience and create new business models.
  • Extract value from new and existing technology.
  • Best apply people, processes, and technologies to effect digital transformation.

Dan Moses
 | Director | PwC
Frank Nowicki | Director | PwC
David Shebay | Partner | PwC 


Pivotal Moments Family Enterprises Should Prepare For
Presented by Deloitte
Family enterprises that proactively prepare for predictable moments are often better equipped when disruption inevitably occurs. Preparation for the expected is not only responsible and prudent for smooth operations today, but it provides an iterative playbook for future generations to refine over time. This session will explore some of the pivotal moments family enterprises may face including developing a governance model, assessing capital needs, building a technology infrastructure, and navigating a change in ownership and offer actionable guidance on how to prepare, document, socialize and execute a thoughtful strategy.

Wendy Diamond 
| US Family Enterprise Leader | Deloitte
Laura HinsonTax Managing Director, Washington National Tax | Deloitte
Max Hughes | Senior Vice President | Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC
Chris Jackson | Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting




Ray Beeman

Principal and Co-leader
Washington Council Ernst & Young

Nicholas DeMarco

Visual Lease

Wendy Diamond

Deloitte Tax LLP

Joe Fitzgerald

Senior Vice President of Lease Marketing Strategy
Visual Lease

David Herzig

Tax Principal
Ernst & Young LLP

Laura Hinson

Tax Managing Director, Washington National Tax

Gray Holden

Managing Director and D&O Practice Leader

Max Hughes

Senior Vice President
Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC

Chris Jackson

Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting

Gregory Milano

Fortuna Advisors LLC

Dan Moses


Frank Nowicki


Sandy Perdiguerra

West Coast Field Underwriting Manager

Christopher Santomassimo

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Santomassimo Davis LLP

David Shebay


Patrick Villanova

Chief Accounting Officer
BlackLine, Inc.