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James Lee

James Lee heads the Robotics and Dashboards Center of Excellence (CoE) for the Office of the CFO (OCFO) at JP Morgan Chase. The CoE team provides coverage for 18,000 OCFO employees to build and operate automation solutions to create capacity. The team is also responsible for evaluating and bringing new automation tools that enable Finance teams to become more productive.

Mr. Lee joined JPMorgan Chase in December 2016.  Since then, he and his team have collected over 1,500 automation ideas, delivered 300+ automation solutions in production, and established a governance framework to operate robotics with appropriate controls.  The team has built solutions leveraging RPA (Robotics Process Automation), Data Wrangling tools (Xceptor/Alteryx), and Data Visualization tools (Tableau). His team also provides automation training with the vision to democratize the tools with appropriate governance structures in place. The team provided automation training to over 2,000 employees in 6 months.

Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, he spent 12 years at GE in various functions including Technology, Internal Audit, Finance, Risk and Data Management. Most recently, he was the Chief Data Officer for GE Capital Treasury.

He is a graduate of MIT with a B.S. in Computer Engineering & Minor in Economics. He is also a graduate from Wharton with an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Operations Management. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Mina and one son, Jordan.