Featured Speaker

Ms. Erin Green

Erin has been in the utilities industry since 1995 and started out by selling voice and data services, for companies like Verizon and AT&T.  During her tenure, Erin saw a need to advocate for the end user and to help them strategically navigate the plethora of options. 
Since 2001, Erin has been working directly on behalf of Verify’s clients and has grown her support team to include 9 full- time staff members.  The staff at Verify! focuses on exceptional service delivery and the keen ability to provide their commercial clients the tools and resources they need to make informed buying decisions for all voice, data, cellular, gas and electric services.  Through proprietary processes and with custom software, Verify! is able to consistently deliver value and drive results for their clients by leveraging industry expertise, information and connections to fully optimize the services and pricing of their clients across the US.
When not at work, you can find Erin traveling across the country, exploring other cultures, food and music.  She has a goal of living out of an RV for 3 months out of the year to get out of the snow!  Erin is the mother of 2 adult children, both of whom are college graduates.  Erin and her husband Christian will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in October 2019.