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Dan Grelecki

As a consultant and Benefits Practice Leader for a Top 50 Insurance Brokerage firm, Dan Grelecki has many roles. Fortunately, that job becomes easier every time ONI Risk Partners adds a talented new member to its team. ONI Risk Partners continue to build on its solid foundation by adding creative thought leaders in multiple areas that impact a company's culture, and bottom line.
As a benefits consultant, Grelecki's direct clients achieved a 2.89% increase trend in 2016. With medical inflation at 4.5% and the average premium trend increase topping 12%, that feat would save a typical 100 employee company an estimated $91,000 over an "average" performing brokerage firm. ONI Risk Partners have achieved this by working with employers to gather input from their employees to develop programs THEY want, educate their employees to make better healthcare decisions, and ensure they're rewarded for their willingness to make informed choices.
As the Director of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Grelecki's responsibilities included consulting and developing strategic plans for my clients, and the clients of our other consultants across our national foot-print, participating as a stakeholder with the Centers for Medicaid Services responsible for ACA Marketplace implementation, presenting to many of our Senators, Congressmen, and their respective staff in Indiana and Washington, DC and speaking at seminars (both nationally and locally) for multiple trade organizations, professional continuing education groups, government sponsored town-hall meetings, educational institutions, CPA Firms, Legal Firms, etc.