Rethinking Work Life

On March 8 learn how the COVID-19 crisis changed the dialogue around work life and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Kathie Topel

Kathie Topel is a visionary leader with over 20 years in business transformation, innovative strategy, organizational change management, process design and efficiency, and technology solutions. She is known for advising and supporting organizations to fundamentally change the way they operate and dramatically improve their performance and results.


Ms. Topel is an expert at working with and developing cross functional teams that can perform at exceptional levels. Consistent track record for meeting aggressive timelines and budget constraints, while achieving all functionality goals in complex initiatives requiring extensive cross organizational collaboration and the resourceful application of multiple talents. Continuously noted for delivering bottom line results and a high level of customer satisfaction. Breaking down complex challenges into executable steps that create individual ownership and accountability is her passion and drives her unprecedented success.


Ms. Topel is the author of the successful leadership books POWERSHIP® and The Game Changer Ecosystem – ROI in 90 Days or Less. As an innovative leader and recognized international speaker, she presents on a variety of topics surrounding leadership, strategy alignment, collaboration, innovation, and employee growth. She is known for delivering “take action” content, so her presentations consistently receive top marks on participant surveys. Breaking down complex ideas into simple executable steps (helping everyone in the organization to grow and garner the respect they deserve) is Ms. Topel’s professional passion.