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Steven Brown

Steve Brown is the President and CEO of Stratego Consulting, Inc. Mr. Brown and Stratego have been delivering successful profit improvement and cost saving results to clients since he founded the consultancy in 2002.

He is a self-described corporate treasure hunter and an expert in the area of profit improvement for businesses ranging in sales from $50million to $1billion. Steve brings his unique blend of strategy, passion and cost savings savvy to clients across a wide range of industries. Companies that engage Stratego are able to leverage Steve’s intellectual capital, knowledge of cost markets, expertise in management consulting, and a tool chest full of well-tested business techniques.

In addition to their extensive experience with private and public corporate clients, Mr. Brown and Stratego have experience working with clients across the spectrum of the NFP world, including recent/current cost savings engagements with a Chicago higher education institution, national association, park district and an Illinois chapter of a national women’s and family services organization. 

Mr. Brown and Stratego’s fees are 100% performance based. If there are no savings, then there are no fees. Simple. And Mr. Brown and Stratego are socially responsible. 10% of Stratego's fees up to $10,000 for each client engagement are earmarked for any one or a combination of charities helping children, pet/animal rights, fine arts and environmental improvement causes.

Prior to founding Stratego, he served in the capacities of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at four privately owned companies in the Chicago area.  In 2000 and 2001, he was Chief Financial Officer at GroupWorks, LLC, a startup Internet enabled group insurance business.  From 1990 through early 2000, he served as the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President at Rescar Incorporated, the largest independent provider of railcar repair and maintenance services in the UnitedStates. During his decade at Rescar, the company tripled in revenue and he was responsible for millions of dollars of cost saving initiatives and the negotiation and due diligence relating to multiple railcar facility acquisitions. 

He earned his MBA from the University of Chicago (1977), his BA from The Johns Hopkins University (1975), and he is a CPA and member of the AICPA. He was the Johns Hopkins University Chicago Alumni Association President for 25+ years, chaired the CFO Roundtable for the Illinois IT Association from 2000 through 2012, and is the Founder and Executive Chair of CFOChicago, a network of 160+ Chicago area CFO’s. He resides in Deerfield, Illinois with his wife, Deborah, son and dog.